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By plane:                                                                                                   



• to Lisbon (the connections from " Porto " and " Faro " are not as good)

The last daily bus from " Lisbon " to Castelo Branco leaves at 7.00 pm.

It takes 3,5 hours and there is a (half in half hour ) airportshuttlebus from the airport to the bus station.


The trainstation "Oriente" is 5-10 minutes by taxi from the airport (! take taxi at departure - more cheap!)

The train leaves at 7.26 pm and takes 3,5 - 4 hours to "Castelo Branco", direction "Covilha" or "Guarda"

We can come and pick you up in Castelo Branco.

At working days,not on Saturday, there is a bus to "Idanha-a-Nova" at 12.15 and 17.15 which takes 45 minutes.

By train :




• over "Paris" to "Hendaye" (spanish border)

• then to "Guarda" in Portugal where you can change over "Covilha" to "Castelo Branco . There we pick you up.




By car:




"Ciudad Rodrigo" -> Guarda -> Sabugal -> Penamacor ->

"Moraleja" -> "Termas de Monfortinho" -> "Medelim" -> "Idanha - a - Velha"

Or Highway from south until "Lardosa","Escalos de Cima", at the bridge and gasoline right through "Oledo" to "Idanha-a-Nova".

• after the crossroad to "Idanha - a - Velha" drive straight over the bridge and take immediately the first pathway right
• from "Idanha - a - Nova" -> "Alcafozes" -> "Idanha - a - Velha" take the path left before crossing the bridge (over river "Ponsul"). Then follow 6 km off road, following the blue spots on posts and rocks. arriving at a 2 mtr high gate just take the chain and open, keep left and turn right at the wooden sign, follow blue spots.



Portuguese Train Company

Portuguese Bus Company


Please call us before you arrive (0351-277-914204), so that we can prepare for your visit!



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