The lake is set in oak forest where sheeps and cows are grazing. In spring the meadows are covered

with wild flowers, in summer aromatic smelling bushes and plants spread their aroma.

On tiny footpaths you will pass throuhgh oak- and eukalyptuswoods, olivetrees,vinyards

and many other natural and cultural landscapes.

The landscape changes faster than the british weather. You can see the national park ("Serra da Estrela")

from wich sometimes snow is glisteneing till after march.




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To the north you can see Monsanto, a rocky mountain with 5000 year old history of visigothic arquitecture.To roman and morrish arquitecture set in solid granit rocks

over 700 mt high, the views are spectacular.

A rocky mountain ridge continues from Monsanto to less populated regions near the spanish border to where our horse trecking tours are leading us.

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Near to our farm (6km) you can visit a very beautiful small village called "Idanha-a-Velha"

Here you also find very old history, with roman kathedral, wall, bridge, tower, an ancient olive mill,.....

on our horse trips near the farm we often pass by here to drink a cup of coffe, eat an ice  cream or take anything else. 

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There is many more nice places to visit like "Penhagarcia" with impressing rocks, a castle,  lake, a swimmingpool and very ancient fosils.

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